Top 10 Reasons to Get End-to-End Lean System to Operate Your Business

March 24, 2020


Generally, end-to-end management systems are the most robust restaurant management software that cover all aspects of your restaurant business. Lean Restaurant Management System is one of those systems that offers main features including core POS, inventory control, CRM and loyalty program, staff management, accounting, projects and task management, menu management, order management, payment processing, reporting and analytics, technical support, and hardware setup. Being customized to your restaurant needs, Lean System may offer the whole bundle or let you choose the features your restaurant demands.

Not only is Lean System an all-in-one restaurant software that provides typical POS capabilities and solutions, but it also provides capabilities in back-office operations, online ordering, table reservation and turnover management, and delivery management.

That being said, let’s take a look at the advantages of Lean all-in-one software platform.

1. Untying you from your desk:

Lean System is accessible wherever you are, through any device. It is a cloud-based system enabling you to go about your day and still keep an eye on your restaurant business. All you need to do is to keep your smartphone or tablet with you.

Lean System provides real-time sales transactions and allows you to track employee performance even on the go so that you can be a hands-on manager while out of the restaurant premises. Additionally, having remote data access can really help when presenting to a client or investor as you can display updated reports on your business.


2. Core Cashier POS:

In addition to accepting payments and tracking sales, Lean Cashier POS is linked to other main systems like credit card and payment gateways, inventory management, and CRM, to form an end-to-end restaurant management system.

Having your devices linked to the kitchen and cashier, you can take orders at tableside or on-site to ensures data accuracy, and avoid miscommunication, wrong punches, or missed orders common to manual processes.


3. No Duplicate Data Entry:

Lean System is a single integrated platform that frees you and your staff from the burden of entering the same data in different systems when you have multiple programs from different software vendors. For example, Instead of entering the same customer information into your CRM and into your accounting system, which is a wasted effort, you just need to enter it once and for all.

Not to mention that you pay for this wasteful duplicated activity in higher labor costs as well as lost productivity.


4. One System for Staff to Learn:

Training employees on new solution definitely takes time, a thing that you need to minimize to run your business as quickly as possible and see the fastest possible return. Lean system is a single, user-friendly end-to-end solution so that your staff only needs to train on one system rather than having multiple systems for staff to learn. Moreover, even when you onboard new employees, it is easy for them to learn the system quickly to get up-and-running faster.


5. Rugged Tablet:

Using consumer-grade tablets like iPads to take orders right at the table might be risky since restaurant environments are not suitable for such delicate devices. Therefore, lean offers rugged tablets that are the ideal option for your restaurant’s mobile devices. Lean rugged tablets can hold up the wear and tear of your kitchen environment as well as the constant usage by servers and waiters holding them from table to table, taking orders, delivering food, and processing payments.


6. Scalability Features:

With Lean System, growth is guaranteed. Lean System is built for scale to support your plans to expand to a chain or franchise without needing to change the system in between your growth period.

Lean system introduces advanced analytics, multi-branch add-ons, and integrated HR feature to manage any number of employees and their different schedules.


7. Reduced Total Costs:

Having one vendor means you only have to pay for one package of systems. Lean System is a single software platform that can minimize your total cost, both the software and operational costs, and reduce duplicate features as well. Using an end-to-end management system means you will end up with smaller outlays, less hassle at renewal time and bookkeeping.


8. 27/7/365 SUPPORT:

Technology breakdowns are inevitable, but the faster you resolve problems the faster you can serve the customer. Technical failure can be harmful to your restaurant business and may result in significant losses, even if it was for some hours, and this is where support matters. Lean system provides you with 24/7 technical support all year round. Lean support is not only about 24/7 support tag, but also about the quality of this support so that your restaurant will be operationally efficient all the time.


9. Comprehensive Training:

Lean System offers proper training sessions on all the functions and features on the front of the house and back of the house. You can choose if the training will be remotely or onsite. Either way, you will have adequate training to get running smoothly and your staff will be up to speed on the operating procedures.


10. Centralization and Security:

Lean System allows you to manage everything from a single interface so that you can manage your business effectively no matter where you are with better agility. Being a centralized restaurant management system, it ensures better data collecting, processing, and analysis.

Additionally, Lean System protects your data and your network from attacks, external threats, malware, ensuring data & network security. This way, you guarantee that all sensitive data, both of your customers and yours, are stored safely.


A Restaurant Management System with these features can be a game-changer for your restaurant business. These features can enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your restaurant, resulting in higher profits and a customer base expansion.