5 Ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones

July 30, 2019


Working in the restaurant industry comes with a Cut-Throat competition. Trends are changing rapidly, which makes it tough to keep your business up to customers’ minds. Moreover, you should find a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

Here you will find some restaurant marketing techniques, stated in 5 ways, to increase your restaurant’s sales. These ways can help you to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back, resulting in a great customer base that allows you to enhance sales and increase revenues.


1)Consider Enhancing your Mobile Presence:

To ensure that customers will not bounce right off your restaurant’s page, you should optimize your business’s website for phones and tablets and invest in a website that looks catchy and functions properly on all devices; tablets, phones, and desktops.

Having a website for your restaurant is a very significant marketing channel, but If you don’t have a website yet, consider creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing that illustrates your address, working hour, contact numbers and photos of your location. Another benefit of using (GMB) is to allow your customers to write reviews of your restaurant and post photos of your food online.

You should also consider maintaining an active online presence and set up business social media accounts. Not to mention that you have to assign someone to monitor messages coming through your social networks if you are busy.

Take advantage of your business social media accounts and make announcements for any events you host. It is also a way to notify customers when your restaurant is open or closed unexpectedly.


2)Reach out to New Customers:

You can use the following techniques to reach out to new customers and attract them to Your restaurant:

  1. Use paid social media advertising:

It is an affordable marketing channel that lets you reach out to new customers in your area. And ask your customers to write reviews of their experience dining in your restaurant.


  1. Try to retain First-time customers:

You may use coupons to encourage customers to visit your restaurant again. Alternatively, offer your new customers a free dessert, appetizer, or beverage when they purchase an entree. This is a great way of setting your business apart from the competition.


3)Increase Customer Loyalty:

Dining out is not totally about food. It’s a social experience that involves good service and personal touch.

It is more cost-effective to retain loyal customers than attracting new customers ones.

Here are  Ways to Retain Customers:

  1. Implement a customer loyalty program:

Create a membership card that tracks your customer’s visits,  and offer them a free item of your choosing; drinks or desserts are less expensive than entrees, yet effective. You can set up a card that tracks points each time the customer visits in your POS system.

  1. Organize and host social events:

Consider offering a space for community events, like company parties to encourage customers to come out to your restaurant. Alternatively, think of hosting live music to get customers to visit your restaurant regularly. This will make people feel relaxed in your restaurant and encourage them to spend more time and purchase more items from your menu.


4)Offer Customers More Alternatives:

Offer your customers different ways to order your food so that you can satisfy customers and increase profits. A few techniques include:

  1. Take-out Menu:

Add a take-out menu separated from the basic menu for your restaurant in order to make sales although your dining room is filled to capacity.

  1. Delivery Service:

Implement delivery services to reach out customers at their homes.

  1. Take advantage of every rush times of the day:

If there is a lot of foot traffic during the morning rush hour, consider selling quick breakfast items, even if you run a lunch establishment.

  1. Digitize your restaurant’s operations:

Restaurants are moving toward digitization from online ordering systems to online tables’ reservations. Customers prefer to dine somewhere that offers online services like these services.


5)Upsell your menu:

Train your servers to upsell your menu so that you can increase your sales and maximize your profit. You can find more details about upselling techniques from our article The Best Upselling Tactics to Increase Profits.