Automation is Changing the Game As Robots are Reshaping the Restaurants

August 27, 2019


In the food industry, innovation is the way toward efficiency. Many years ago, innovation was embodied by high-speed service, but nowadays it is all about automation. Robotic automation is reshaping today’s food sector. This is because managers would be able to improve productivity and maximize output through depending on robots and machines to do the tedious, repetitive tasks and, in the same time, assigning the tasks that require more thinking to humans.

In a survey, conducted by ORACLE, to find out whether it is appealing for customers and restaurateurs to use robots in restaurants, it turned out that 50% of guests do not want to be served by a robot where 29% of managers said that robots would improve the customer experience. However, 80% of managers say robots will be cleaning restaurants by 2027. As for food preparation, 49% of managers liked the idea of using robotics for food preparation, where 54% of them would like to benefit from artificial intelligence in menu planning.

In general, restaurants tend to use robots in order to escape the issues of rising labor costs, the industry-wide labor shortage, and employee turnover.


How Do Robots Work in Restaurants?

Check out the following restaurants that use robots to perform a variety of functions:

Spyce Restaurant:

Location: Boston, MA

Spyce restaurant

How they are using robots:

Spyce restaurant is a fast-casual restaurant where they have a robotic kitchen. In their kitchen, a few numbers of human employees are assigned to prepare the ingredients in an off-site kitchen, where robots are doing all of the actual cooking. Tow humans employees are responsible for providing customer service and to putting final changes on all dishes.

For more information about their experience, you can watch the following video.


Miso Robotics:

Location: California

Miso Robotics

How they are using robots:

Robots can identify hamburger patties on a grill, watch for them as they cook, flip them, and finally place them on a bun. In addition, robots are responsible for the grill station. See how robots work in Miso Robotics.

Briggo: One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019.

Location: Austin, Texas


How they are using robots:

At Briggo, they are using robot baristas to prepare coffee and various coffee-based drinks. When a customer orders a drink via app or tablets at Briggo’s “Coffee Haus” kiosks, the machine would do the whole process of making that drink. Once the order is prepared, a customer can tap a button and grab the drink.


Zume Pizza: Where human and robots are united

Location: Mountain View, California

Zume Pizza

How they are using robots:

At Zume Pizza, where they have an assembly line of several robots. The pizza-making process starts with the staff preparing the ingredients. Then the first robot in the line, named Doughbot, press each dough ball into perfectly round, 14-inch pie shells. After that, another robot, called Bruno, places each crust in the oven to be partially baked. The next step would be dispensing the right amount of sauce onto each pie, a mission that is assigned to the two robots; Pepe and Giorgio. Robots’ job ends with Marta spinning the sauce around the shell. From there, human staff tops the pie with fresh ingredients to be headed into refrigeration.


Wilkinson Baking Company

Location: Walla Walla, Washington

Wilkinson Baking Company

How they are using robots:

At Wilkinson Baking Company, robots are used to blend a mix of dry ingredients and then prepare and cook the dough to provide customers with freshly baked bread on the grocery stores on site.