Customer Service: a major trend in the food industry in 2019

July 31, 2019


While in the digital transformation of restaurants, good customer service is not incompatible with new technologies. No matter what digital solutions you offer your customers, how gorgeous your dishes are, or how beautiful your restaurant’s ambiance is, good customer service is the main factor for customers to decide whether they will come back to your restaurant or not. Accordingly, in this article, we will point out some essential rules to deliver excellent customer service at your restaurant.


1) Start Properly:

Customer shall have a great experience in your restaurant from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they exit. As a restaurant’s owner, you should always work to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations through the whole dining experience. Here are a few tips to accomplish this:

1- Talk to them in an appropriate manner:

  • Greet your customers once they walk in the door.
  • Address them using respectful titles such as sir, ma’am or miss.
  • Never interrupt
  • Listen carefully to know exactly what they desire.
  • Know what your menu includes as well as you could. Try repeating their orders to make sure you get it right.


2- Follow a Proper Etiquette:

  • Decide who will you serve first. Start with the guest of honor, if there is one. If not, serve women at first, then move to men, then, at last, serve the children.
  • Start serving and clearing dishes from the diner’s left. Whereas, drinks shall be served, poured and refilled from the right.
  • When you serve dishes, know exactly which diner order which dish.
  • Don’t rush the customers and make them feel you want them to leave. Seek your customers’ comfort.
  • Don’t wait for your customers to ask for the check. Bring them the check after you clear their tables immediately.


2) Empower Your Staff:

Servers, waiters, and hosts must be well-trained to provide the best service and keep customers satisfied. Front-of-house staff should be friendly but not annoying. Moreover, they shall have the ability to take care of multi-task and still be able to appear when customers call for them with undivided attention. Hire honest and trustworthy staff who can work as part of a team.



3) Never Make Your Customers Wait for too long. Nor Overbook Reservations:

It doesn’t matter how your food tastes like if your customers have to wait for too long to get it.

Winning back a disappointed customer will cost you a lot. Ensure that you have enough staff to handle customers’ orders. While if a customer orders a dish that takes a bit longer to be prepared, tell him in advance so that he will not be disappointed.

Adopt a plan to shorten takt time as possible as you could.

Additionally, you shall have a clear policy to take reservations. Don’t overbook reservations so that you will not have to make customers wait if they show up on time.

Book reservations correctly to ensure that your kitchen staff can handle the orders and your servers can deliver them on time with no delay.


4) Handle Customer Complaints properly and solve any problem immediately:

Problems may happen. It might be a burned food, forgotten order in rush hours, or a new hire’s mistake.

What matters is how to handle these problems and solve them immediately, as follows:

  • Listen to their complaint carefully and do not interrupt them.
  • Acknowledge that there is a problem and let them know that you are sorry and willing to fix it.
  • Remember that the customer is always right. Even if you don’t agree, stay calm.
  • Eye contact and body language can identify how you really feel. So ensure that you use them in the right way.
  • Seek for a win-win situation for both of you and offer them a solution that suits you both.
  • Tell them you are sorry again and don’t blame.
  • Implement the solution quickly.


5) Customer Feedback Is Very Helpful, Ask For It:

You can ask for customers feedback verbally or you can offer them comment cards at the end of the meal. This feedback gives you the opportunity to know what people think of your restaurant to make the proper improvements and to adjust your operations appropriately.


Nowadays, winning restaurants are the ones that have a perfect combination of digital solutions and great employees who are able to deliver excellent customer service. A thing that will result in a seamless restaurant’s operations.