Digitize your restaurant’s operations

June 17, 2019


Digitization and artificial intelligence are changing everything, and the world of restaurants is on the cusp of dramatic change. Digitization is ready to rearrange the market, defining who wins and who loses. This article is aimed to show you the way to digitize your restaurant’s operations.


Digitization in the kitchen:

You can digitize all cooking equipment (ovens, fryers, plates, refrigerators and all kinds of cooking combinations, production, and conservation) by connecting them with each other and with other software so you can schedule your recipes, control temperatures, time, and amounts, to regulate the use of your inventory. There are also robotic dispensers of drinks that perfectly regulate the amounts to serve and send consumption information to your device very rigorously to avoid wasting.


Restaurant menu digitization:

There are many benefits to digitize menus for restaurants. Not only does it make the menu accessible on all devices – from PCs to tablets and mobile phones, but also as you can update digitized menus quickly and easily, customers can directly view the updated menu and order the latest food offerings, allowing you to increase your sales. Moreover, depending on digital menus instead of print one can reduce the cost of printing the regular menus. Additionally, the digital menu leads to a high level of accuracy in order, since the client can choose any item with no need to contact someone else over the phone, which eliminates any risk of misunderstanding. Not to mention that a digital menu can upsell or recommend paired dishes automatically, resulting in higher sales and better customer satisfaction. The digital menu can also be produced in multiple languages easily.


Reviews and recommendations:

With new technology, anyone can access the internet and contribute to a massive record of online reviews. Since diners relied on word of mouth, these reviews can make their decision, whether to choose your restaurant or not. Accordingly, customer service should be a major part of your concerns; to make sure that customers will share positive reviews about your restaurant, and you should avoid bad reviews, as it will harm your sales.



An important digital change in the restaurant industry came from online reservation sites. Customers can make restaurant reservations directly through the website or the app, without even having to call the restaurant. Restaurant owners can use software to manage their reservations operations. This allows you to work effectively and preserve your time and your customer time as well because the customer will have their orders without waiting for them to be prepared or even waiting to pay their bills. You may also collect information about your customers from their profiles in the app to provide them with the service that suite them.


Mobile payments:

With this payment method, you have more time to dedicate to other things that improve your business and avoid “losses” cash or theft. It will allow waiters to concentrate on providing the customer with an excellent service instead of being busy with payments, tickets, and others.