5 Features of a POS System to Streamline Your Restaurant Operations and Increase Profits

November 19, 2019


Restaurant managers may think that upgrading to a POS system is an expensive alternative for a cash register. However, the POS system has much more functionality and tangible benefits than the cash register. The POS system can help streamline your restaurant operations. It helps in tracking inventory, recording order history, managing staff, and much more. This results in increasing profitability, allowing more time in your day, and reducing human error.

If you, as a restaurant owner, still rely on a cash register to run your restaurant operations, you might not even realize what you are missing. Read on to learn 5 ways a POS system can streamline your restaurant operations and increase profits.

1. Employee Management:

Your restaurant’s POS helps the business to save a lot of money that you spend on labor. It has the feature of employee sign in and sign out using biometric fingerprint scanning. As a result, you can ensure working hours are accurate and minimize the risk of friend clocking. In addition, a POS system allows you to keep the attendance system through software to help eliminate human errors.

Moreover, it can track your employee schedules and hours worked by monitoring their login times. Accordingly, it helps in performing the function of preparing payroll, very accurately. As hours worked are accurately reported and automatically included in your payroll systems.

This means you can promote a positive relationship with your employees. You can also manage staff schedules, shifts, and leaves more easily.

Above all, you will no longer need the services of a bookkeeper. As well as it frees up more time for your staff to focus on providing excellent customer service.


2. User-Friendly:

The interface is a major advantage of modern POS systems. Your staff can learn how to use the POS system easily and quickly. It has a clear graphical interface and simple big buttons for categories and products. This leads to faster checkout for the customer, keeps control of the queue, shortens lines comparing to the traditional cashier station, and increases customer turnover rates.

Additionally, a POS system gives you the ability to conduct business from multiple locations at any time. It allows you to make transactions anywhere inside or outside the restaurant and to expand your operation.


3. Financial planning:

Point of Sale systems provide you with reporting systems that generate real-time accurate data of your business. You would be able to monitor expenses, sales, and profit in real-time.

With Lean Restaurant, our cloud-based Cashier POS system enables you to track all the financials in your restaurant from money spent on inventory to daily sales. Moreover, it gives you access to easy-to-understand financial reports that allow more insight into the restaurant’s financial state.

By clicking some buttons, you easily check if your business is running on profit or loss. This provides you with the information you need to make data-driven business decisions. For instance, if your business is losing, then you can adopt many techniques and plans to increase sales such as the Customer Loyalty Program.

Making such business decisions makes your business operations more efficient. It also gives you visibility on key performance indicators (KPI) like sales.


4. Automated Ordering Process:

The POS system can streamline your restaurant operations by digitizing the whole process of passing the orders from the counter to the kitchen by just typing in the order, which will printout in the kitchen display.

The waiter enters the orders into the workstation at the counter or on a mobile POS device. Then, the orders are automatically sent to the relevant back-of-house station. Finally, the system notifies the waiter once the order is ready.


5. Inventory Management:

The POS system has a database that allows the restaurant manager to monitor every item in the inventory and know your inventory levels. Whenever a dish is purchased, the quantity of each ingredient used is deducted from the inventory.

Moreover, it offers auto-reordering capabilities when inventory counts reach a specific benchmark. This allows you to speed up the entire reordering process and saves you time and resources to focus your attention on the primary business of selling.


Even if you run a small restaurant business or you just starting out, investing in the right POS system is the perfect solution to make it big as well as to streamline your restaurant operations and generate more revenues.