Free Online Resources To Get Your Restaurant Up and Running

October 14, 2019


Whether you are just starting to run a restaurant or you already have a running one, you might know how tough it is to keep up with this constantly evolving sector. The restaurant industry sector requires you to be on top of all the industry’s latest digital transformations, philosophies, and findings. You would probably be eager to learn about the newest trends concerning social media platforms management, food safety, marketing, contacting customers, and the list goes on.

In an attempt to save you some precious time, we have gathered a list of free online resources to get your restaurant up and running. A list that every restaurant owner should know and use. Listen to the experts and enjoy learning!

1. BizLaunch:

BizLaunch is an online resource that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the steps they need to take to build a profitable business of their own. They regularly host webinars, seminars, and workshops to train, coach, mentor, and advise small business owners. It offers you knowledge about cash flow management, marketing strategies, pricing, and more. It also offers free tools that ease your operations.



Alison offers many free online Business courses to guide you, as a restaurant’s owner, through every aspect of the modern business environment and teach you the top management skills in demand today. They offer courses that help you understand and optimize your knowledge of all aspects within an organization, from management techniques, hospitality, food safety courses, marketing, and social media, to business communication skills in order to succeed in the competitive modern business world.

You can take Business courses in a range of business aspects such as communication development, and analytical, decision-making and problem-solving skills. We recommend you to consider taking their Diploma in Food Safety to learn everything from water quality, pest control measures, to food service accidents and incident management. You would probably be interested to take the courses of Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses and Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online.


3. Constant Contact:

Social media platforms are a great opportunity to enhance your brand and create awareness in your local community. Hence, Constant Contact offers a free webinar on social media success. It teaches you how to choose the right social networks for your business and make the 15-minute social media plan. In this one-hour on-demand social media webinar, you will see a recipe for social media marketing that saves time and gets results to grow your business. You will learn what content to post and how many times per day, which content is suitable for each platform, or the benefits having social media accounts can have on your business and you will figure out the best social media channels to use for your business.


4. The Restaurant Boss:

Owned by Ryan Gromfin, a restaurant consultant and former head chef with extensive experience in the restaurant industry, The Restaurant Boss YouTube channel has many weekly-uploaded videos, including tips, tricks, and strategies, about how to control and manage costs, sales, and expenses in your restaurant. It also has videos about marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.


5. Modern Restaurant Management:

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine is an online resource found for restaurant-industry professionals. It focuses on all aspects of restaurant management news. It posts news articles and videos on a daily basis, incorporates profiles, trends and expert advice to offer valuable content to this niche and tell the stories of restaurant owners around the world.


6. Lean Restaurant Blog:

Lean Restaurant Co offers user-friendly digital cloud-based solutions for restaurant owners and managers-, especially in Kuwait. Lean Restaurant Blog is an online resource that publishes content that offers a multitude of helpful insights on a daily basis. This content covers many aspects of restaurant management from starting a restaurant, promoting, hiring, and controlling the restaurant’s operations. It focuses on subjects that support the vision of the company to spread the concept of Lean Management among Kuwaiti Restaurateurs, enabling restaurants to become more productive, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.