How to cater to the holiday rush at your restaurant during Eids and holidays

August 7, 2019


The season of Eids and holidays is one of the most-awaited and well-celebrated occasions of the year. Celebrating their holiday, people rush into restaurants to enjoy. Meanwhile, restaurants become one of the busiest places where the entire staff working to get their tasks done as quickly as possible. The important thing through this rush is to manage your workflow to provide the best service and leave no disappointed customers in order to increase revenues and profits.

By the end of this article, you will know how to prepare your restaurant for the holiday rush.


Ahead of this season, you have to empower your restaurant:

To make sure that your restaurant is ready to host such a rush, you need to take care of the following aspects:


  1. Forecast Your Sales:

Sales forecasting shall be your first step while preparing your restaurant for the holiday rush. All the decisions you will be able to make depend on the number of customers you are expecting to show up at your restaurant.

How would you forecast sales:

  • You would be able to forecast sales by going back to the last year’s sales report and analysis during the same occasion.

This formula will help you:

Sales Forecast = No of Tables x No of Seat x Average Ticket Size x Table Turn

  • You will also need to monitor your inventory to avoid running out of ingredients. POS system is your ideal solution to control inventory since it sends notifications and alerts if a particular item is about to be finished.


  1. Hire Seasonal Employees:

Generally, when Summer comes, it is noticeable that the number of restaurants’ customers increases. Whereas, during the Eids, you can expect a huge rush at your restaurant. Accordingly, you need to hire additional employees to manage additional customers. Since you do not want to provide a slow service and ruin your brand’s reputation.

According to the sales forecasting, you can predict the additional employees you need to hire.


  1. Manage Your Staff’s Leaves and Absence:

Busy days need a strong full staff with you. Hence, make sure that you create a leave schedule for your staff before the holiday season to avoid emergency leave requests.

Have a strict policy to manage leaves and absence and ensure to communicate it well to your staff.

Whereas, when you expect heavy traffic and you want your employees to work extra hours, you should pay them a bonus for these extra hours.

When it is necessary to approve leave or there is an absent employee, you may outsource additional staff from a reliable source.


  1. Organize Your Restaurant Space:

While in the rush, if your restaurant is crowded and there are no more seats to receive more customers, you should consider creating more seating capacity by changing the seating arrangement and layout to make space for few extra tables.

You should also manage your table reservations to know exactly how many customers will visit your restaurant upon reservations. Moreover, make sure to tell customers the expected time of waiting if they have to wait for a table.


  1. Be Ready To Handle Chaos:

During the holiday and Eids season, people will be willing to celebrate with friends, family, and children. With more people to serve, you and your staff have to be ready to handle any disorder. You may face an angry customer or an active child, so you should be prepared for such a situation.


The more ready you get for the holiday rush, the happier customers you will have. They will leave your restaurant holding a positive impression that would encourage them to come back.

To escape the stress of this season, make sure to prepare your restaurant well to cater to the holiday rush.