7 Leadership and Management Skills Every Effective Restaurant Manager Must Possess

October 21, 2019


Being a restaurant manager can be tough work, which is joined by long working hours, consistent communication and tight climate. Perceiving the skills of the managers that employees need to work for can lessen turnover rates and increase job satisfaction, which, thusly, prompts better customer experience. The manager likewise needs to lead in light of the business interests to be powerful in all aspects of restaurant management.

To confront and prevail in the quick-paced foodservice industry, there are some fundamental characteristics required for any great restaurant manager. Not all restaurant managers have these characteristics and skills inbuilt with them, yet they can be learned.

Below are 7 Leadership and Management Skills Every Effective Restaurant Manager Must Possess.

1. Staff Inspiration and Motivation:

A terrible mistake that restaurant leaders may make is not motivating their employees. Subsequently, their employees might lose the will to give their best when working. Moreover, they have been unable to market the restaurant because they had a bad experience. Accordingly, you have to look for motivational factors to encourage your employees to work hard and keep working with you.

You have to recognize your employees’ achievements. Consider setting up an “Employee of the Month” program and offer this employee a decent present, for instance, a salary increase, trophy, or a paid vacation. The greatest opportunity for a leader to lead effectively is to be able to inspire those around them.

Here are some ideas to motivate your staff:

  • Remember and celebrate their birthdays
  • Say ‘thank you’
  • Welcome feedback
  • Allow mistakes to happen
  • Offer incentives
  • Organize a healthy competition between the employees
  • Offer bonuses to employees who make more sales


2.  Decision-making:

Leaders are decision-makers. Managers have to take the right decision at the right time and set an example for their staff. A fruitful restaurant manager must be clear and decisive in order to make decisions and work appropriately. At the point when a leader is weak or makes hesitant decisions, at that point he will lose his respect among the staff.

Sometimes decisions might be quick and easy to take. otherwise, they are not. However, you shall embrace the “I can do it” attitude, which can make a difference. You have to make that simple shift in mind, focus on your final goals, and not be bogged down by the elements out of your control.


3. Problem Solving:

While running a restaurant, you may face many problems where stress levels run high. There are constantly new problems and issues to address as employees’ absence, dishwasher’s leak, busy hours, or running out of inventory. Accordingly, in order to make sure that your restaurant’s operations will keep running smoothly in the face of the unexpected, you have to be a responsive, calm, creative, and flexible leader.

Start with identifying the actual problems that affect your restaurant’s success and rely on feedback and assistance from your staff members.

When issues either occur between staff members or between staff and patrons, try to stay calm, listen to both sides and negotiate a fair solution for both sides. However, the process of solving the problem does not end with staff and customers. You have to deal with many other issues such as supply or food shortages, last-minute employee callouts, or emergency medical situations.

It is significant for any restaurant manager to be able to think and react quickly and make the correct move to take care of the issue rapidly.


4. Multi-tasking:

A restaurant manager ought to perform multiple tasks between different tasks. The manager needs to answer calls, handle staff, deal with customers and so more. To organize work in a restaurant, the manager needs to perform multi-task that prompt streamlined business operations.

5. Consistency and Being Approachable:

good restaurant managers have to be approachable by both employees and customers. Employees would not be able to approach a manager who has inconsistent moods or attitudes to address their problems or issues. Your actions and responses need to be consistent to create a safe and comfortable environment for employees and customers as well. Make your employees feel welcomed by smiling every time you interact with them. And respond calmly to their questions.

Be aware not to build a wall between you and your staff. The more your employees are satisfied, the bigger results you will find in increasing sales, improving the restaurant and attracting more customers.


6. Taking Care of Business:

Never forget that you are running a business. Do it efficiently, aiming to keep costs down and profits up while coordinating all operations in your restaurant. Earn your employees’ respect and appreciation. Always, find ways to improve and enhance your business and take care of every aspect of it. You may take advantage of the following:


7. Embrace Digital Solutions:

Implementing digital solutions in your restaurant is no more a question of luxury. Having the perfect Online Ordering System, POS system, Online Reservation System, CRM & HR Systems, E-menu, Waiter System, and Accounting System will save you time and money, and will make the day so much easier for you and your staff. Lean Restaurant Solutions offer you all of these systems and far more. They are designed to streamline your restaurant’s operations where you do not need to be a tech-pro as they are easy to use “user-friendly”.