How can you benefit from LEAN Kitchen? And How can you switch to a LEAN kitchen?

June 2, 2019


As Toyota benefited from lean principles to rise to the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, you can also apply lean principles to “Unlock Efficient/ Predictable / Profitable Catering, Banquet, and Restaurant Operations” according to Vijay Goel, MD, from his book “Running Lean Kitchens”.

You should know those lean principles could be applied to every station in your restaurant. Nevertheless, in this article, we will show you what benefits you could get by implementing lean principles at your restaurant’s kitchen and how can you benefit from LEAN Kitchen at all levels.

Applying lean principles in your kitchen will help you to:

  • Increase revenue by extending capacity.
  • Maximize profits by improving productivity and reducing waste.
  • Satisfy customers by giving them fast and perfect service.


As for your sales and costs, the lean kitchen could enable you to run a flawless service where the orders are taken, executed, and delivered smoothly. And you will be able to cut down costs and reduce food and ingredients waste.

Moreover, the lean kitchen gives you the opportunity to trace and control production costs all the entire process. It will also give you insights about menu elements that need to be improved or eliminated.


What a lean kitchen looks like?

  • Every employee knows the specific duties to do according to a weekly plan updated daily.
  • No yelling. No interruption.
  • Well-organized movements where every member in the kitchen has what he need in hand or can reach it
  • Refined recipes.
  • Adjusted quantities.
  • High-quality dishes in a reasonable time.
  • Standardized work.


What are the steps you should take toward LEAN kitchen?

  • Schedule for the upcoming week before it starts, by which you will know what food you will produce, how many employees you will need, and which ingredients you will use and how much it will cost you.
  • Have an accurate timing on the recipe production process.
  • Switch to pull model to ensure that you will not end up with an excess of ingredients.