Lean Restaurant

July 1, 2019


The restaurant industry is transforming and competition is more intense than ever before. “Winning” restaurant brands will be those that best understand their customers, capitalize on digital technology options and analytics in managing its operations and resources and seize upon the opportunity to engage customers in a highly personalized way. To help you understand the digital and customer trends of the future, Lean Restaurants provide solutions that are available among the Gulf States.

Today we can say that Lean Restaurant is the best friend for your operations manager with a multitude of functions; prioritizing resources, best practices, global experiences, and digitized technical tools.  In addition, by connecting our technology solutions to your restaurant as an owner you will be able to:

  • Find and seize opportunities in the local market
  • Implement solutions with actionable insights to help you sustain and grow
  • Build deeper relationships with customers
  • Simplify solutions for challenges may affect your restaurant’s operations management to increase profitability.

What can we do for you?

We will apply our responsive, integrated digital experiences to your restaurant. Our solutions will cover three main techniques:

  • FULL DIGIZITIZATION Your restaurant will work smart by digitizing all of your restaurant’s operations since working smart is the key to a successful Lean restaurant. You, your staff and clients can benefit from our technology, which will enable you to run all your restaurant’s operations efficiently and decrease serving time and kitchen production time. Our solutions will digitize your restaurant’s operations concerning accounting, payments, cooking, hygiene, ordering & serving, reservations, designing & pricing menu, storing & packaging, CRM, HR, equipment development & reports, tables’ turnover, sales, and delivery.
  • PURCHASING SUPPORT We will help you to find the best partners in terms of Food & Beverage, tools, equipment, and machines supply in the market and around the world. We will guarantee that you know the best channels to supply your restaurant with. Additionally, these tools aim to keep your operations cost as low as possible through managing costs, purchases, contracts, equipment and machines and your relationships with suppliers, in addition, to notify you instantly with the best offers and deals in the available market.
  • INSIGHTFUL KNOWLEDGE We will provide you with our continuous support so you get to know one thing about everything through E-books, metrics, and courses. Moreover, these tools will aid you to make the right decisions based on data, metrics, and the latest lean philosophies which are applied by world-class restaurants around the world.

By implementing our integrated techniques to your restaurant you will own:

  • Efficiency in running your operations
  • Highest quality in services provided
  • Retain and expand business
  • High level of customers’ satisfaction
  • Consistency in your running business
  • An extraordinary quality of food provided at a lower costs
  • The ability to make effective decisions

CONCLUSION Helping you creating the restaurant of the future to serve the next-generation customer might not be such a challenge if the demand weren’t here today. Competition is intense, customers already expect these experiences, and the time is now. For restaurants that recognize that change is upon them, and take the broad view of the customer experience, this is a tremendous opportunity—to wisely integrate to our new digital capabilities people expect with the traditional comfort and value they have associated with restaurant experiences for generations.