How to make your restaurant more sustainable 2

August 5, 2019


It might be tricky to maintain sustainability while managing your restaurant’s operations. Whereas in the restaurant industry, your restaurant could be sustainable by running on 100 percent renewable energy, producing no waste, capturing and recycling water, supporting and helping grow local farms.

In this article, we will continue mentioning the ways you can easily follow to implement sustainable practices into your restaurant’s daily routine:

  1. Have your own farm:

Through growing your own food, you ensure that you have the highest quality of fresh food.

Having your own garden allows you to control the amount of food you want to grow, the amount of water you use, and if you want to expose the food to chemicals. Moreover, any food waste can be composted and go back into the soil as compost instead of thrown out. Additionally, consider it as an opportunity for chefs to learn about the ingredients they are dealing with.


  1. Track your food waste:

The perfect way to reduce waste is to reduce the amount of waste created in the first place. Construct a waste history, that is let your employees write down what they’re throwing away and why they are doing so. Later, you will have the ability to discover some trends and make adjustments to reduce waste.


  1. Donate the extra food:

Give any unused prepared food for those who are less fortunate. Food banks can benefit a lot from this good and safe food. You shall build a strong partnership with charitable organizations around your area.


  1. Train your staff to develop their engagement in the process of being sustainable:

Develop a training program to enhance employees engagement in your restaurant’s sustainability efforts.

Staff training might be the biggest challenge in adjusting your operations to be more sustainable since it is hard to get them to believe in your quest and to be passionate about it.

Staff engagement, especially the front of the house, is very important because they are the ones who meet the customers and can communicate your vision to them. They should have information about the ingredients they are serving, in case that the customer asks.


  1. Consider customer satisfaction as the top priority:

Delivering an exceptional guest experience must be your number one priority. Let your customers know about your efforts through staff education, your website, or your menu and offer them information about sourcing and sustainability.


  1. Sustainability quest is never over:

Keep focusing on improving your practices over time and continue to reduce costs, build resiliency and contribute to a better world for everyone. Produce annual sustainability reports which will help you communicate your restaurant’s success and evaluate your progress.