The best 8 marketing ideas to promote your restaurant

June 17, 2019


Sixty percent of new restaurants shut down within their first year. Accordingly, restaurants’ owners have to struggle to keep their restaurants successful through making sure of the profit’s consistency, and keeping in touch with their social networks to know what people think of their restaurants.

In this article, we are going to get you acquainted with the best marketing ideas to promote your restaurant. These ideas are recommended by experts in the fields of marketing and restaurants management.


1. Consider your customer service as a marketing tool:

The majority of restaurants do not care enough about retention as they do to attract new customers, paying too much on marketing. As a restaurant manager, you have to introduce the customer his best experience ever, so that he would come again and recommend your place for other people.


2. Use promoting videos to contact with your society:

These videos give people insight into the ambiance in your restaurant, creating contact between customers and your staff. Share it on the internet; it will reserve a special place for your restaurant among other restaurants.


3. Take Instagram as a best friend:

Instagram might be basically considered as the platform for the restaurants since it’s a perfect platform to exhibit the most important selling points; it shows how appetizing your food is, and how amazing your place looks.

You might make use of Instagram by putting a sign on your door saying: “Share a picture of your dish, using our hashtag #yourrestaurntname and win a free dessert from our menu”. It is a great way to attract more customers.


4. Follow an organized marketing strategy on social media:

Some managers; because he does not want to pay for a marketing director, delegate the wrong employee to deal with social media, making terrible marketing mistakes, dragging the restaurant down. Hence, you should be more professional and hire an expert to manage your accounts on social media, or you may find yourself an appropriate agency to do so so that you can be sure that your restaurant is on the way to success.


5. Use electronic advertising smartly:

You might pay someone well to manage your advertising campaign, but unfortunately, he would fail since he is not the right person for the job, and you end up with an advertisement full of spelling and grammar mistakes. On the other hand, you might pay a little, hoping that you would have a unique advertising campaign. Either way, it is not correct. The more you invest in electronic advertising, the closer you are to succeed. Electronic advertising is not about taking good pictures and writing some lines, it is a whole process of studying customers and their needs, specifying aims, and analyzing results. It is a great resource to make use of, so use it well.


6. Handle any complaint you might face on social media properly:

It might be embarrassing to have a complaint posted on your page on social media in front of everyone. However, you should handle it properly be contacting with this angry customer and apologizing if needed. You also have to revisit the mistake that made the customer angry and fix it. These posts are useful feedback to enhance performance at your restaurant and improve your staff.


7. Make your website a SEO friend:

Use search engine optimization strategy by using specific keywords and pay attention to the content. For example, if you have a “Shawarma” restaurant in “Alsalmiya”, you should use relevant long-tail keywords so that if anyone searches for “The best shawarma restaurant in Alsalmiya”, your website would have a greater opportunity to appear at the top results on Google.


8. Be part of any foodie event nearby:

These events give you the opportunity to introduce your restaurants to people. There would be media and local tastemakers, so it would be a great chance to promote the best dishes your restaurant produce for potential customers.