Online Ordering System

July 10, 2019


One of the lean restaurant’s philosophies in optimizing operations is to implement an online ordering system. It is the process of ordering food through the restaurant’s own website or mobile app.

A study, conducted by investment bank UBS, has shown that there could be an annual rise in delivery sales that is estimated to be more than 20 percent to $365 billion worldwide by 2030, from $35 billion. Whereas, according to CHD Expert, by the end of 2018, restaurants were projected to generate revenues from online ordering systems as follows:

  • Pickup orders: $124 billion.
  • Direct delivery from a restaurant: $32 billion.
  • Third-party delivery: $13 billion.

Advantages of online ordering system:

For you:

As a restaurant’s manager you will benefit a lot from implementing an online ordering system, you would be able to:

  • Have all records of every employee and each order.
  • Control orders and services.
  • Control bills.
  • Keep a proper record of the database.
  • Change menu items easily.


For your staff:

As for the staff, the online ordering system will save your staff’s efforts and time by eliminating any arisen mistakes of taking orders and communicating orders to the kitchen. Resulting in a more accurate and faster workflow.


For your customers:

Where the most important thing in the restaurant industry is customer satisfaction, an online ordering system allows you to provide your customer with the best experience since the customer is able to pay using any payment method he prefers; credit card, debit card, or paying cash when taking the order. It can also satisfy the customer by reducing waiting time and providing him with the specific order through getting him to experience choosing meal sides, additional servings, salad toppings, cake flavor on the ordering system’s menu.



How does online ordering system work?

The customer signs in the app or the website, selects the order he desires among different and various choices, and pays for the order immediately or waits until he picks it up. The restaurant, then, will be notified to start preparing the order. Finally, the customer may show up in the restaurant to take the order or he chooses delivery service.


The basic steps to have the perfect online ordering system:

  1. Increase your restaurant’s exposure to reach the maximum number of customers.
  2. Use your own online ordering website in taking orders to avoid extra fees
  3. Add a promo code to Your restaurant receipts to encourage the customer to return.
  4. Ask for customer’s email addresses in the order form to use in marketing.
  5. Create a special URL with your own restaurant name
  6. Compose your restaurant in Google My Business
  7. Use the perfect keywords that suite your restaurant concept.


With over 4 billion internet users, make sure that your website is easily accessible, found, reached, and used, to get the best benefits from those users, at least in your city, so that they can use your online ordering system.