A closer look at online restaurant reservation systems

August 22, 2019


Where the purpose of lean management is to streamline the restaurant’s operations and maximize productivity and profits, technical solutions are the tool to achieve these goals in this digital age we are living in. Diners today prefer to have an automated dining experience, and the tables’ booking process is no exception. Consequently, instead of receiving reservations via telephone calls and writing them down, with the help of the internet, online restaurant reservation system makes it easier for both; the customers and the restaurateurs.

If you are a restaurant’s owner or manager who has not applied an online reservation system, consider adding this option to your restaurant’s website in order to be organized, and maximize your table’s turnover rate.


Why an online restaurant reservation system is beneficial?

A) For customers:

1. It saves time and reduces waiting time:

The online restaurant reservation system helps customers to save time and eliminates any discouragement faced when the customer shows up in a restaurant and does not find any table. In addition, when booking tables in advance, customers reduce the waiting time at the restaurant and appropriately plan many other activities before and after their meal.


2. It eliminates misunderstandings:

Using this technique, the customer does not have to make any call, eliminating any probability of misunderstanding. Moreover, the system is responsible for informing the customer with any change, such as opening hours or menu. Not to mention that the system is capable of pointing out any issue with the reservation table resulting in fewer chances of making any errors.


3. It is Flexible:

Online reservation is flexible in the term of payment since the customer can do the transactions from anywhere without having to call the respective restaurant.


4. It is available 24/7:

It enables customers to make reservations 24/7 from any location. Despite the fact that your restaurant might be closed, an online reservation system allows customers to make reservations at their convenience.


B) For restaurateur:

1. Hassle-Free Management of reservations:

Online restaurant reservation systems will make your staff more efficient. They will not be tied to a phone waiting for customers’ calls.


2. Once again, it is available 24/7:

An online restaurant reservation system works all day. Given the fact that you are not limited to your working hours, it boosts your sales and maximizes your revenues


3. Track your business:

This system generates documents that enable you to track the entire restaurant floor with a simple click. It provides you with detailed reports about staff productivity and availability, customer distribution, and seating arrangement. It also gives you data about customers’ preferences or food allergies so that servers and cooks would be able to make the required preparations before they arrive.

In addition, knowing how many customers will visit your restaurant at a specific time will help you organize the workflow in the kitchen and the front of the house. It will also help you make any needed adjustments to provide your customers with the best experience.

With this system, you will be able to identify the areas you need to focus on, in order to grow your business.


4. Upsell your menu and attract more customers:

It is much easier to promote, market, and sell your menu’s items online. The online reservation system allows you to upsell your menu and increase your profits. For instance, as we mentioned above, people prefer automated and digital solutions, accordingly, this system meets their needs to get an easy service.


Third-party reservation websites:

Many restaurants, today, tend to use outside websites that specialize in restaurant reservation software. These websites help restaurants’ managers control their tables’ turnover rates and make reservations. Customers can browse the website using different filters such as by country, state, city, and restaurant. These websites include Opentable, Mytable, and reserveout.

According to your budget and your restaurant’s needs, you can choose what method to choose. Whether to add your own reservation widget to your website, or you invest in a third party website.


Remember that restaurants compete with quality, so even if you run a small establishment, you shall consider installing an online reservation system.