Promotion Ideas to Prepare Your Restaurant For Eids and Holidays

August 18, 2019


The season of holidays and Eids is a great opportunity to communicate your brand to more customers and to market your restaurant. Accordingly, here are some interesting ways to promote your restaurant.


1. Send Your Customers a Holiday Card:

An easy and free way to remind your existing or potential customers about your restaurant is to send them a holiday card in the mail.

Use appetizing and mouthwatering photos in the mail to attract customers. Not to mention that you have to include a coupon or special offer on the card to encourage customers to visit.


2. Take care of your restaurant’s decor:

There are so many ideas available for Eids and holidays decorations. Ensure that people from outside can see your restaurant decoration, so make sure to decorate your restaurant entrance very well. Light up your restaurant, and consider creating a festive ambiance to make it appealing for your customers once they enter your restaurant.


3. Create New Menu Specials for Holiday:

Have unique drinks, desserts, entrees, and appetizers that can help your guests enjoy the season. Consider offering traditional dishes based on meat. While trying to keep up with holiday theme, be creative but don’t hide your brand’s image.

Whereas, ensure that your customers know about your special holiday deals on your social media accounts. Social media is a free channel that empowers you to reach many customers.


4. Organize a Holiday Party at Your Restaurant:

Think of hosting and organizing special celebratory nights or special musical nights which are proven to attract the crowd. However, make sure that you to promote your party and event in advance since many people like to plan for their holiday ahead of time.


5. Manage Your Customers Relationship Well:

Try to call or send texts to people who showed up at your restaurant in the last Eid guest list. This is a great way to enhance your customer loyalty program and to retain your customers. Try to send them festive greetings via email and mobile massages and invite them to your restaurant’s events and parties during the holiday season.


6. Gift Cards, Coupons, and Freebies:

Shopping and gifting vouchers are trendy now as the best options for gifting. Try dining coupons as a gifting choice and consider offering a longer validity of the gifts cards.

It is also a flexible way for your customers to gift your dishes to their family, friends or even themselves.

It is advisable to sell cards at a discounted rate as people can hardly resist free offers. For example, offer $30 gift card for $25, or offer customers a free $20 gift card if they purchase a $70 gift card.


7. Offer Your Catering Services During the Holiday Season:

People, on holidays, prefer not to cook for their parties, events, or holiday celebrations. Accordingly, try to offer catering services because it is an important way to promote your business and market your dishes, resulting in attracting more customers.


Try to apply some of these restaurant holiday promotions ideas, and provide your customers with memorable unique dining experiences this season and every season.