Real-time Restaurant Reporting: Lean Restaurant Smart Analytics and Reports

February 11, 2020


Gone are the days of using Excel sheets and manually tracking restaurant data. Restaurant operators are moving to business intelligence and data analytics solutions that empower them to solve problems and minimize business and financial risks.

Running a restaurant requires you to be constantly pro-active, so you need to invest in technology with analytics capabilities and real-time reporting system to collect and analyze your data better and take your restaurant experience to the next level. You can use any data collected to identify trends, make realistic goals, gain customer insight, forecast future spend, monitor what’s going on at your restaurant, and reduce costs.

With the disability to be in your restaurant or every branch at all times of the day, comes the need for real-time reporting and analysis. Relying on Lean Restaurant Reporting System allows you to spend your energy towards improving things that are more important for the customer experience, such as atmosphere, customer service, and quality of food.

Below we explain how real-time reporting and analytics can improve your business. 

1. Central Restaurant Management:

Through a single central restaurant platform, the reporting system enables you to have data and insights across all your outlets and to get a complete view of your business.

Restaurateurs prefer investing in a platform that provides real-time reports of each of their outlets so that they can monitor order taking, sales reports, and marketing offers and so on.

Lean Restaurant Reporting System allows you to centrally manage orders that receive at each outlet. In addition, you can easily add another outlet to your system in a few clicks.


2. Improved Efficiency & Quality:

Analytics give managers a comprehensive view of their restaurants. They get details on the current state of inventory, consumption, productivity and sales volumes. Restaurant managers can use generated information in allocating their efforts to exactly where and when they are required, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvements, and taking action when necessary.


3. Cutting Costs:

Restaurant managers can constantly know detailed data on costs and expenses, orders’ invoices, total sales, employees and order volumes, which can help control costs.

This information gives restaurant managers insights that empower them to build benchmarks across their outlets. Accordingly, they can find opportunities to control and cut costs and make future plans.


4. Make Smarter Decisions:

Real-time data helps restaurant managers identify important trends and consumption patterns in order to make smart data-based decisions. Generated reports give restaurant managers the ability to understand customer behavior on a given day, week, or month, identifying what they prefer to order, and what items are being ignored- so that they can compare actual performance and results with the set objectives.

Having visibility to your restaurant productivity, you can sort out activities based on ultimate business value so that you can stick to a budget and get the most out of it.

Whatever decision you need to make, let it be changing the menu or recipe of a particular dish, it is better to make it according to data and analytics.


What Reports Can Lean Restaurant Reporting System Generate?

1. Restaurant Sales Reports:

The sales report dashboard on Lean Restaurant System provides an overview of all sales done during a selected period. The sales report provides a clear overview of your restaurant performance metrics.


2. Employees Reports:

Employees’ reports provide detailed insight into how your sales get affected by your employees. The report provides a summary of each employee’s performance and productivity at your restaurant.


3. Dishes Reports:

General sales reports automatically track menu sales, individual items sold, and most dishes and modifiers sold. This data can show you exactly how your menu items are influencing your sales. General sales reports identify the most sold items and modifiers in a specific month so that you can keep the items that directly contribute to restaurant sales and get rid of those that do not.


Why Lean Restaurant Reporting System?

· Cloud-Based:

Stores all your sales reports on the cloud where Data management is safer and faster.

· Access Real-time Reports from Any Location:

Lean Restaurant Reporting System allows you to access all reports about your restaurant’s performance from anywhere, at any time, with no longer needs to wait to review results for days or weeks.

· Access from any device:

You can access the Lean Restaurant system from any device, let it be a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, supported by IOS, Android, or any operating system. View reports in graphs and tables to make sure your business is running as planned.

· All your data in one platform:

Get access to all the information insights you need in one report.

· User-friendly Dashboards

The lean Restaurant Reporting dashboard is easy to use.

· Automatically Generated Reports:

You are a single click away from full performance reports of your business that are easily printable and documented.