What Trends Shaping The Restaurant Industry in 2020?

January 19, 2020


Restaurant owners and managers need to keep up with the restaurant industry trends so that they can identify the shifting needs of their customers and stay ahead of the competition. The past few years were marked by innovation and growth. In 2020, studies predict that the industry will witness more growth with a greater reliance on technology and sustainability.

While the restaurant industry is changing, what trends from 2019 may stay and which will fade? What new trends shaping the restaurant industry in 2020?

Read on to know more about trends shaping the foodservice industry.

1.   Food Transparency and Healthier Food Choices:

Healthy food was a major trend in 2019 and it definitely remains in 2020. Customers demand clean, natural, organic eating, free from anything that can harm their health.

Additionally, most consumers are concerned about food transparency. They demand total transparency of what happens before they take receipt of their orders, not only about sourcing information. Customers want to know detailed information about pricing, corporate performance, and the effects of food on their health.

Moreover, there is an increasing demand for premium grab-and-go options, which is all about fresh and fast, instead of the unhealthy pre-packaged convenience foods.


2.   Sustainable Options:


Customers, today, are concerned about ocean pollution and plastic waste. Therefore, they demand sustainable food in sustainable packaging. While this is the case, restaurant managers need to adapt and shift to limit the amount of plastic they purchase and distribute to customers. Restaurants around the world are being more environmentally friendly and ditching the foam containers.

You can join the trend by using new innovative products like straws made from hay or mineral-filled polypropylene or paper containers to provide a healthier and safer container for your customers.


3.   Zero-Waste Restaurants:

Today, zero-waste restaurants are becoming a trend. Incorporating the zero-waste trend into the kitchen in 2020, restaurant chefs will Compost and avoid buying foods with excess or wasteful packaging. They are dropping disposables and coming up with innovative ways to use all parts of their food. The zero-waste trend helps restaurants reduce costs, as well as benefiting the environment.


4.   Kids’ Menus:

2020 will witness more availability of healthy items on kids’ menus, incorporating creative dishes with new flavors that are more global. More restaurants are creating kids’ menus that focus on whole grains like quinoa and whole-wheat bread instead of simple carbs like white bread, which offer little nutritional value. Whereas, fresh, organic vegetables, complex carbs like quinoa and plant-based proteins will be an alternative for chicken nuggets and fries.


5.   Regional Flavors:

In 2020, traditional recipes are back into fashion, according to Hospitality News. Traditional dishes from Saudi Arabia, Emirate and Kuwait are coming back after being neglected in favor of international flavors. Not to mention oriental street food, such as shawarma and Falafel.


6.   More Technology:

Restaurateurs prefer to use digital menu boards that allow them to change their menu and adjust prices regularly to accommodate specials and additions for different times of day or seasons.

Moreover, several software and systems are being used to show owners the state of their business and enable them to track and manage their business digitally.