Digital transformation for Restaurants: Don’t be in the dark

July 22, 2019


Customers nowadays expect to spend a magical time and have an extraordinary personalized customer experience every time they walk in a restaurant, driven by their desire to do everything using their smartphones. Winning restaurants are moving to be more efficient and updated in technology to meet customer’s expectations. They have to wisely improve their investments in digital, operations, marketing, technology, and staff training to own qualified employees who are able to serve as your restaurant’s ambassadors. Is your restaurant up to these changes?

If yes, then congratulations since you recognized the importance of digitization in managing your restaurant’s operations. However, if no, continue reading this article to know more about digital transformation for restaurants.


  1. Restaurant’s applications:

A basic step in digital transformation for restaurants is that restaurants’ managers have to consider creating mobile apps to help keep their brand top of mind with customers. This is because, in the digital world, the restaurant shall look for customers and attract them, and achieve this, restaurateurs need to invest in restaurants’ apps.

These apps will:

  • Provide loyalty offers and the restaurant’s location.
  • Enable customers to pay for orders using credit cards or any other payment method they prefer.
  • Speed the transaction time to the minimum level.
  • Keep customers engaged with your brand for a longer time.
  • Help you collect valuable customer data like average meal times, the average amount spent, and their favorite meals.


  1. Wi-Fi:

While transforming your restaurant to digital, offering free Wi-Fi is a must. As customers will not leave home without their smartphones, if you are not offering them free Wi-Fi you will not be up to their expectations or fulfill their desires, regardless of how amazing your service is.

Offering free Wi-Fi will help you in:

  • Driving your business: offering free Wi-Fi will make your restaurant stands out as much as possible. You will be able to attract business people who need to stay connected to their offices, young people who prefer to post selfies and photos of their meals, parents who need to keep their kids entertained while waiting for their meals, and lone diners who use the internet to pass time and keep them company.
  • Increasing sales: connecting customers to Wi-Fi enables you to upsell your menu.
  • Gathering information about your customers.
  • Promoting freely: diners who post photos on Instagram, Tweet selfies, and check in to your restaurant on Facebook are providing your restaurant with a free promotion channel.


  1. Online, Online, Online:

In the digital age, everything in your restaurant is digitized starting with your kitchen operations, your digital menu, reviews and recommendations, reservations, and mobile payments. You can manage all your operations online.


  1. POS system:

You can rely on the POS system to run your operations smoothly. It can suit your individual establishment needs and benefits you as follows:

  • Reducing and managing time.
  • Controlling errors by eliminating human errors.
  • Processing credit cards by adding a magnetic stripe reader with no need to purchase and install a separate credit card machine.
  • Generating detailed business reports for sales, credit card transactions, server’s sales, stock, inventory, popular items, profits and loss in at any terminal, at any time.
  • Controlling thefts by tracking exactly what was ordered, by whom, and if it has been paid for.


  1. Digital Marketing:

Creating your restaurant’s brand presence through digital marketing channels allow you to keep your business busy. You should consider using digital marketing in order to:

  • Have huge access at minimum cost.
  • Be directly in touch with potential and existing customers.
  • Understand what customers want from a restaurant and what they are saying about yours.


  1. Digital supply chain:

According to Capgemini, “Traditional supply chains rely on a mix of electronic and paper-based processes and documentation. The organizational structure is often characterized by functional and geographic silos, which do not share information openly, thereby leading to sub-optimal performance. Digital supply chains, on the other hand, have the capability for extensive information availability, and enable superior collaboration and communication across digital platforms resulting in improved reliability, agility, and effectiveness.”

Digitizing your supply chain enables you to:

  • Predict demand forecasting.
  • Optimize inventory and reduce costs.
  • Get reports and analytics that streamline your operations and grow your revenue.


  1. Digital Operating Platform:

Having a digital operating platform will help you schedule your staff’s shifts through managing your workflow, communicating effectively with staff, and predicting demand ahead of time.


It might be challenging to transform your restaurant’s operations into digital form, but these challenges bring you many opportunities. It allows you to identify customers, know their expectations, and accommodate your staff, service, and operations to attract them and provide them with an experience that exceeds their expectations.