How Can Restaurants E-Menus Offer easy ordering and faster service

January 12, 2020


Restaurants, around the world, are beginning to profit from using intelligent digital menus. Digital menus help your customers to decide what to eat without having to take any help from waiters or servers.

Regardless of the obvious aesthetic displays digital menu boards offer over paper ones, here are six significant features that show how can digital menus offer easy ordering and faster service.

1. Easier Communication:

The E-menu enables you to use videos or animations that catch more attention and make communication much easier. The digital menu is simple and easily used. Therefore, servers and waiters would have more time to easily communicate with customers, develop relationships with them, and provide better service.

The digital menu is clear on what it states so that customers would place their orders correctly.

Lean Restaurant E-menu provides you with a digital version of your printed menu and makes your menu accessible on all devices – from PCs to tablets and mobile phones.


2. Management Available Anywhere:

Restaurant digital menu allows you to update, configure and monitor a network of digital menus from anywhere. You can access the digital menu boards anytime, as long as there is an Internet connection. You are able to manage menu items and prices according to supply and demand, promotional campaigns, and upcoming events.

Moreover, digital menus allow your staff to automatically schedule when to change based on the time of day or day of the week.

As for Lean Restaurant E-menu, you can update it quickly and easily, where out of stock items will be removed across all devices by the restaurant and will not be visible to the customer.

In addition, Lean Restaurant E-menu is hooked to the whole management system, so it is connected with the POS system resulting in generating sales reports in real-time, giving a good picture of how your restaurant is doing with its daily sales target.


3. Memorable Customer Experience:

The digital menu adds a sense of entertainment to your customers. It does not just allow listing the items available for ordering. It offers catchy design, enticing graphics, mouth-watering videos, special offers, and everything else you want your customers to know.

Digital menu can lower a customer’s perceived wait time during the ordering process. Because they are preoccupied, with integrated imagery and video content, while they are waiting.

With Lean Restaurant E-menu, your customers can directly view the updated menu and order the latest food offerings, allowing you to increase your sales and provide them with a better overall dining experience.


4. Upselling Menu Items and Boost Sales:

The digital menu offers an excellent opportunity for prioritizing the upselling technique. It displays complimentary items during the ordering process.

Lean Restaurant E-menu offers high-resolution screens where customers can have a much more appetizing preview of your menu items compared to paper menus. It helps upsell menu items and it recommends paired dishes automatically, resulting in higher sales and better customer satisfaction.


5. Decrease Errors and Streamline Ordering Process:

Any expenditures related to the paper menu such as employee errors, misprints, and installation costs, could be eliminated with the digital menu. It also gives you complete control of what messages are being communicated to the customer.

The digital menu helps customers to make a quick decision during the ordering process. This is because customers can place their orders by what the food looks like with no need to read a bunch of words. Accordingly, waiters can take orders faster and serve more people.

Lean Restaurant E-menu offers a High level of accuracy in orders since the client can choose any item with no need to contact someone else, which eliminates any risk of misunderstanding and the possibility of sending the customers a mistaken order would be nearly minimal.


6. Save Time and Money:

As it could be updated easily in a matter of seconds and whenever you want to, the digital menu can save your time and resources, unlike paper one. It helps you save on a huge recurring cost because you don’t have to print new menus or promotional material regularly.

In addition, having a digital menu enables you to cut into labor costs at your restaurant because it lets you schedule fewer staff-members even during rush hours where customers can place their orders without having to wait for a server.

Lean Restaurant E-menu is a cost-saving solution since it cuts the cost of designing, printing, and reprinting regular menus whenever new items are added to the menu. Coincided with the Lean Restaurant Waiter System, Lean Restaurant E-menu enables to reduce the number of servers you need to get services done.


Upgrading to digital restaurant solutions is not a matter of luxury anymore. Millennials always look for a place that serves them digitally. Don’t you think it is time to invest in a digital restaurant management system?!

Don’t look far away! Lean Restaurant Management System is the right choice.