12 ways to grow your restaurant’s followers on Instagram

July 2, 2019


Instagram is a free marketing channel that may introduce your restaurant to many people and attract so many customers and followers if used properly.

Here are ways to grow your restaurant’s followers on Instagram.

1. Post the best photos:

Don’t post any grainy or blurry photos or any photos that don’t make the food look attractive. Since there is an algorithm that Instagram uses to measures how much likes does a photo get, and how long people spend looking at it. Accordingly, if you post bad photos, you will definitely harm your reach.

If you don’t have a budget to hire a professional photographer, consider these tips:

  • Take dishes’ photos in daylight, as artificial light makes food looks terrible
  • Ensure that your phone’s lens is clean since a greasy or dirty lens will cause your picture to look blurry.
  • Post brighter, warmer, higher contrast pictures using natural light if possible, or else you can edit photos and use filters in Instagram to tweak them.
  • Don’t overdo editing and filtering. Natural is always better.



2. Use proper captions:

Avoid typing your restaurant’s contact numbers and address. Alternatively, to guarantee more likes and shares type an engaging, relevant caption that describes the dish on the photo, or tells your brand’s story.


3. State an identity for your restaurant:

Always post from your restaurant’s aspect. Don’t use “I”,  instead, use “we”). Be serious about sustainability, unique, and funny.



4. Respond to posts about your area:

Instagram community is a reflection of your real community. Type constructing and interesting comments on pictures posted from your area. This will help you by stating your restaurant’s identity. Moreover, this will subtly notify locals and your area’s visitors to come to your restaurant.


5. Alert followers when you’re open:

It may be challenging to find restaurants that are open on public holidays. So help your followers and tell them when you are open or closed on public holidays to satisfy them and eliminate disappointment.


6. Schedule your posts:

One post a day is a good goal to target. Don’t overload your followers with many posts, since they will tire of them and scroll past without looking at your content. As a result, and according to algorithms, Instagram will prevent your posts from appearing to your followers.


7. Post your most trendy dishes:

Trendy dishes’ pictures such as an oozing chocolate fondant, a toasted cheese sarmie would encourage followers to interact with your posts. You can also use short video or Boomerang that may create a buzz about your dishes and trigger people to tag their friends.


8. Use your local language:

Speaking with your local people tongue will help you to reach out, especially the hashtags you use.



9. Repost:

Try to repost your followers’ good photos, especially when they type mouthwatering captions. Not to mention that you have to tag them as the photographer.


10. Promote your special dishes:

But ensure that you are ready to receive and serve any number of customers.


11. Post pics of your restaurant’s interior design:

This will give potential customers insight into your restaurant’s ambiance.


12. Post only what impress your followers:

Have a posts recording system to track what kind of posts gets the highest response and which does not. This will save you time and effort of posting bad photos and will get you more followers as well.