A comprehensive list of restaurant’s kitchen equipment 1

July 24, 2019


It might be stressful to open a brand new restaurant. With so many tasks to do, you may easily forget kitchen equipment and appliances that are significant to operate your business properly. Here, we inform you with a comprehensive list of restaurant’s kitchen equipment that includes items that every restaurant will need so that you ensure to cover all bases when outfitting your restaurant’s kitchen.


  1. Refrigeration Equipment:

The refrigeration system is an integral part of your restaurant’s kitchen since it prevents food from spoiling or melting. Before buying any refrigeration equipment, you should determine the types of coolers and freezers you need according to your restaurant’s concept and your food distributors’ delivery schedule. You can choose from many types of refrigerators that suite your business considering the size and capacity that you will need. Chose the equipment that is perfect for your restaurant to keep your food fresh for as long as possible. Here are the types of restaurant’s refrigeration equipment you may need:

  • Refrigeration Drawers:

These drawers suit small restaurant kitchens. You can install them directly into the cooking line. They are used to hold poultry, meat, vegetables, or seafood for the sauté or grill stations.

Refrigeration Drawers

  • Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers’ sizes range from a small closet to a big living room. Walk-ins are ideal to keep large and perishable produced items. Check your state’s health codes concerning these restaurant coolers.

Walk-In Coolers

  • Restaurant Freezers

Like coolers, restaurant freezers come in various sizes and styles to be consistent with your needs and food capacities. Make sure to not use them as ice machines to store or make ice.


  • Ice Machine:

It constantly produces ice then dispenses it into an ice bin or soda fountain so that ice would be ready all the time for your staff to make cold smoothies or blended cocktails.


  • Beverage Dispensers:

You can place them at wait stations. Choosing the right dispenser depends on how many options of soft drink you are planning to serve and the soda brand you will use.


  • Reach in coolers:

You can place them at the wait station to store prepared salads and appetizers to make it easy for your staff to reach and serve them.


  1. Grills:

Commercial grills are the essential equipment of your kitchen to grill steaks, pancakes or burgers. Grills have a lot of shapes, sizes, and types. Accordingly, it is easy to find the option that will perfectly meet your business requirements. You can choose flattop grills or griddles that can accommodate any food resulting in preparing several separate servings in one space at the same time. If you own Italian cuisine, you may choose panini grills. Whereas Teppanyaki griddles are ideal for Japanese cuisine. However, the Mexican cuisine can make use of tortilla grills.


  1. Salamander Broilers:

Salamander broilers can be of great help for pizzerias, sandwich shops, and bakeries since they help your staff to finish off dishes before they serve them to the customers.

Why Salamanders broilers?

  • To brown the top of your dishes.
  • To melt cheese on top of your casseroles and sandwiches to entice your customers.

Salamander Broilers

  1. Griddles:

Griddles are very significant tools to cook burgers, breakfast foods, grilled sandwiches, and many different foods. Additionally, several types of countertop griddles are available for you. Where they are ideal for food trucks or small restaurants.


  1. Grease Traps:

Grease, sediment, and solids can be very harmful to your plumbing system and require lengthy and expensive repairs. Accordingly, try using a grease trap to protect your plumbing. Installing grease traps to your dishwashers, prep sinks, and other equipment connected to your plumbing will prevent any grease or food particles from draining into your pipes. Consider using them in your establishment as they can save your business a lot of money in repair costs.


  1. Chef Knives:

It is indispensable to have a sharp set of chef knives in your commercial kitchen setting. There are many different sizes and styles of chef knives available for chefs to choose the option that best suits their task. They enable chefs to prepare food easier and decrease the risk of accidents and cuts.


  1. Shelving:

In order to organize your restaurant, you should invest in suitable shelves and racks. You can use them to store and organize anything from food items to dinnerware. Use the type of shelves that are made out of durable materials so that they can hold lots of products without buckling. You may also consider installing rust-resistant racks.


  1. Squeeze Bottles:

Squeeze bottles are the perfect option for a condiment dispenser or to improve your plating technique. They can be used for holding many different types of liquids, like condiments, sauces, oils, or salad dressings. Additionally, they can be easily refilled as they have easily removable caps.

Squeeze Bottles

  1. Commercial Oven:

You can use ovens for braising, baking, roasting, and much more. You have many types of commercial ovens to choose from. There are conventional ovens, convection ovens. Then, there are pizza ovens, too. These can include brick ovens, conveyor ovens, and deck ovens. Your choice depends on the menu and how quickly you want to prepare dishes. A range with a convection oven setting is the best for your interest if your operation centers around baked goods. having a fan and exhaust system, convection ovens are able to blow hot air around the food. They are the ideal appliance for making pies and cookies, toasting, roasting, or dehydrating. Whereas, regular ovens are the best choice for foods that are made from a batter such as cakes, custards, and some bread.


  1. Sinks:

Sinks are indispensable tools in any kitchen. They are source for running water to defrost frozen meat. They also provide a space for cleaning, hand-washing, or washing the occasional cooking utensil. It is advisable to install a commercial dishwashing machine, a triple-sink wash station, and a dedicated hand-washing sink.


Running a successful restaurant requires you to buy the best equipment and appliances that meet the needs of your staff and your customers, and your budget as well.