How to show up in “Restaurants Near Me” Local Searches

August 21, 2019


Many people are using their smartphones and computers to search for restaurants near their location. Hence, you should do your best to show up in these searches. Since if you don’t, you risk to miss out a whole market. “Restaurants Near Me” local searches can help you to attract new customers, generate revenue and establish your restaurant to compete with other restaurants.


How “Restaurants Near Me” local searches work?

If someone searches randomly for restaurants in his city, using local keywords, Google will return only three results in the local map pack. These three results need not be suitable for the person performing the search, they might be on the opposite side of the city.

Consequently, the need for “near me” searches arises. Using this phrase, people can specify that they are searching for restaurants near their location. Which allows Google to return the results that are close by for the person performing the search.


What factors may affect “near me” local search rankings and results on Google?

  1. Relevance:

The content of your website must match what the user might search for. However, stuffing your website with “near me” as a keyword will not book you a place in the top three results. Alternatively, you can enhance your relevance by stuffing your website with complete, detailed, and updated data.

  1. Distance:

This indicates the distance between your restaurant’s location in Google maps and the user’s location. The closer to the user you are, the more likely you will show up in the search.

  1. Prominence:

Online prominence depends on the information about your restaurant that is available on the web, including reviews and ratings.


How to Optimize your Restaurant for “Near Me” Local Search?


local search


According to the statistics above in the infographic, it is necessary to take care of your online presence since it affects customers’ decisions.

Here are the practices you may use to optimize your website for local search:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Web Site:

Most people prefer to use their mobile phones when searching for restaurants near them. Accordingly, for your website to show up in the search, you have to make it mobile-friendly.


  1. Complete Your Business Listing:

Consider claiming your restaurant listing on every online directory if you could. Claim your Google My Business listing, Yellow Pages web site, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and other similar business directories.

Your listing should be complete including information about your restaurant, location, hours, local phone number, etc.

Not to mention that you have to post multiple extraordinary photos that will set your listing apart from other businesses.

Moreover, make sure that all listings consist of the same data. Whereas, when having multiple branches, you should create a separate listing for every location.


  1. Encourage Customers to Leave Google Reviews of Your Restaurant to Obtain More Reviews:

Upon studies, restaurants that have more Google Reviews and a higher number of five-star ratings are more likely to appear in “near me” local search.

Accordingly, it is necessary to encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your Google business listing. You can, for example, offer them discounts for reviews, or you may remind them to leave a review by printing reminders on receipts or training your staff so that they can encourage customers to leave reviews and make sure to reply to these reviews.


  1. Structure Your Website for Local Keywords to Optimize Your Local SEO:

For search engine rankings, it is necessary to use effective SEO practices which depend on the keywords you use throughout your website copy, URLs, and metadata.

Location names are the most important keywords that allow Google to find out where your restaurant is located.

According to Greg Kristan, founder of Boston-based SEO consultancy TM Blast, ” By having a clear path that goes from [your website] hub, to state, to city, you can optimize the content by getting more and more granular with each level you go down.”

Which means you can pass some of your homepage’s link juice on to the pages that target location-specific keywords by linking to more specific, location-based pages from your website hub.


By taking these pieces of advice, your restaurant website will be in the best position to get listed in “near me” rankings and results, resulting in more business and higher revenues.