5 reasons why restaurants should offer free Wi-Fi service to its customers

August 26, 2019


As a restaurant manager, you may wonder if it is valuable to offer your customers a free Wi-Fi service. Worldwide, it has been shown that, in 2015, one person had an average of three Internet-connected devices, and that number is estimated to double by 2020. Accordingly, offering a free Wi-Fi service would be necessary to guarantee customers’ satisfaction since it has come to be an expected part of the customer experience.

However, you should consider some things when offering a free Wi-Fi service at your restaurant in order to make the most of it.

Maximize the benefits of offering a free Wi-Fi service:

A) Business Wi-Fi shall be separated from Guest Wi-Fi:

Although offering free Wi-Fi could bring you many benefits, it could be harmful if not set up properly. It might save you some money to open the business Wi-Fi up to the public, but your system will be an easy target for hacks and data breaches.

Make sure that your point of sale system does not run through the same router so that you avoid any potential of stealing customer credit cards.


B) When sitting up the network, leave it in the hands of professionals:

To ensure that you do everything correctly, you should have a professional set up your network to secure your business and customers’ data and prevent unwanted users from getting access to your information.


C) Set up a high-speed service:

Customers would not be satisfied with a slow connection, so it is important to have enough Bandwidth to enable customers to browse without frustration.

Ask your internet provider for the fastest possible internet speed. In addition, place your router to be as close as possible to the customer seating area to maximize signal strength.


D) Have a guest password:

In order to protect your business from the security breach, you shall protect your connection with a password. You can write the password on a chalkboard or wipe-off board and display it somewhere in your restaurant, print it on receipts, or encourage customers to ask your staff. Not to mention that you have to change the password frequently.

E) Put a time limit on the connection:

To prevent customers from setting around just to use free Wi-Fi without buying anything, consider putting a time limit on the connection that expires after one hour during rush hours. Doing so, you will eliminate long wait times and avoid having frustrated staff.


Why offering free Wi-Fi service is beneficial for the restaurant?

1. To drive more business:

Offering free Wi-Fi is a good way to drive business and attract more customers to your restaurant. Millennials who like to post their meals on Instagram, business people who need to check their emails, parents who want to keep their children entertained, and so many others need access to a public free Wi-Fi that allows them to surf without fear of expensive data overage fees.

Whereas you can also thrive your business as customers would post pictures of your dishes online. Which, in return, will encourage other people to visit your restaurant.


2. To Know More Details About Your Customers:

By offering Wi-Fi, you can collect valuable data about your customers- not personal data. You can learn more about their habits and preferences to enhance your relations with them, use the right platforms for advertising and personalize marketing messages, resulting in more sales. You would be able to reach your valuable customers before, during, and after their visits, in order to make offers that match their past behaviors and meet their needs.


3. To increase customer loyalty and satisfaction:

Offering them free Wi-Fi, customers would be happier and more likely to return. Ensure that your customers know that you are offering free Wi-Fi using prominent signage. Nevertheless, as we mentioned before, never offer your customers a slow connection.


4. To increase sales and promote your brand:

Offering free internet access will lead to higher sales, as customers who stay longer would spend more money giving you the opportunity to upsell your menu and promote your special dishes. Through your Wi-Fi service, you can know what adverts and promotions to serve to your customers.


5. To attract large groups:

An important benefit of offering free internet access in your restaurant is attracting groups of professionals like the working group. You may also host watch parties for games to attract sports fans. Attracting large groups will presents opportunities for private parties, catering, and food deliveries.


Overall, offering a free Wi-Fi service is a simple and easy way to stand in the market and keep up with competitors, showing your customers that you are part of today’s technology-driven world.