A list of 10 amazing Instagram accounts for restaurants in Kuwait with brief reviews

September 8, 2019


1. Empress Shahraban:

empress shahraban restaurant

Empress Shahraban is a restaurant owned by a creative woman who managed to run many projects. Its welcoming ambiance encourages customers to visit the restaurant to enjoy dining in such a comfortable place at affordable prices. The owner also cares about children as she has a “baby chef” restaurant where kids are able to cook their meals with their own hands. In addition, she offers a catering service and allows customers to make photo sessions in her restaurant.


2. Life with Cacao:

life with cacao restaurant

Life With Chocolate is a home for chocolate lovers in Kuwait. With the professional photos they post on Instagram, they managed to have almost 52K followers. According to their story, posted on their website, they make sure that they use ingredients that possess first-rate quality features and the highest level of freshness possible. The special thing about their posts is that they post high-quality photos with mouth-watering captions and they mention the name of every dish they post.



aspro restaurant

At Aspro, they master the science of coffee. Customers can spend their times in exotic ambiance with specialty coffee. Aspro has a special combination of Churros and homemade ice cream. With the professional photos and well-chosen captions they use, they managed to market their brand very well and gained 29.3 followers on Instagram.


4. Seyami Usta:

seyami usta restaurant

A Turkish chef, called Seyami Usta, makes delicious Turkish dishes, as his followers say. At Seyami Usta, they make use of celebrities’ visits to advertise their restaurant. They post photos of celebrities at their place. They also host events for football shows. In addition, they offer a delivery service where orders can be done through Talabat.


5. OJ’S:

ojs restaurant

OJ’S is a place for elders and youths, as shown in their TV advertisement. OJ’S is a unique place because of the funny, special and lovely quotes they place on their packaging. They show their passion for serving coffee in almost every post. OJ’S participates in foodie events in their area. Moreover, they provide catering service, delivery service for gatherings, and pick-up service.


6. NB | Chocolate House Kuwait:

nb chocolate house restaurant

“I wanted to make a chocolate that would never be forgotten. To create a unique chocolate moment for every individual taste.”, says Nathalie Bonn, the founder of Chocolate House. At Chocolate House, they host musical events in a mix of Arabian ambiance and French chocolate. Their menu includes vegan, lactose-free, and halal choices.


7. Signature Café:

signature coffee

“One hand cannot clap, but it can hold a cup of coffee”, a caption that, in my opinion, is very clever to market a coffee brand. At the Instagram account of signature coffee, they post excellent photos of their coffee and cake orders attached with a caption that boosts their signature.


8. 300F:

300f restaurant

Among 836 posts, I choose to share this post with you. It shows how the managers do appreciate the efforts of the staff. Although 300F posts the photos with no captions except the name of the dish, they managed to gain almost 12K followers. At 300F, they serve food that satisfies vegan and non-vegetarian customers.


9. Amiti Noura:

amiti noura restaurant

Amiti Noura is a restaurant that serves traditional dishes. They serve main dishes, desserts, and breakfast. They also have a special menu for the holidays. Their friendly atmosphere makes customers feel like they are home.


10. Just Ladies:

just ladies restaurant


Last but not least, as we start with a restaurant owned by a woman, Just Ladies is also owned by a woman. It is the first Kuwaiti restaurant that serves woman and only woman. Pink is all over the place, which makes it special for girls and woman. They occasionally caption their photo; however, Just Ladies has 27.2K followers.