7 reasons why you need to upgrade to the Waiter System

December 25, 2019


Your staff of waiters is the connection between your restaurant and your customers. They are responsible for welcoming and serving customers, giving detailed information on menus, performing different front-of-the-house duties, and collecting the bill. Their contact with customers defines whether the customer would come again or not. Accordingly, you should ensure to have the best staff of waiters.

However, if you want to take your staff of waiters to a completely new level, you need to upgrade to the right digital Waiter System. Read on to know more about the Waiter System.


What is the Waiter System?

The Waiter System is an important digital change in your restaurant’s operations. It enables your waiters to take orders at the table from mobile or tablet. The Waiter System sends orders directly to the kitchen and works coordinated with the whole management system.


Here are seven reasons why you need to upgrade to the Waiter System:

1. Enable managing multiple orders easily:

You can take and process different order types without switching between several tabs. Be it a delivery, takeaway, fast food, or on table service, you can easily change the rate plan at one click and it is done.


2. Increase the quality of customer service:

The Waiter System eliminates the traditional pen and paper method to avoid errors in communicating orders. That is Waiters can directly register orders with the table number and send it directly to the kitchen; this allows them to work effectively and preserve their time and customer time as well. It also offers prompt deliveries. Additionally, it speeds up the process of taking and delivering orders. Using the Waiter System, you ensure serving the food hot and fresh which will reduce cold complaints and waste. It helps you serve food in top condition because once the meal is ready; the chef can notify the waiters. This will result in better customer service and repeated business.


3. Send orders to multiple stations in the kitchen:

The Waiter System can send kitchen order tickets directly to the relevant station in the kitchen along with an optional copy for the server. It splits and generates kitchen order tickets for each station, when needed, to decrease preparation time.


4. Review, cancel, and edit orders:

The Waiter System shall have the ability to review a table’s order history and cancel items from a previous order. Through the Waiter System, your waiters are able to adjust orders and menu items by adding, removing and modifying the variables. They can perform order discounts, extra charges, and many other item operations. Moreover, it allows sorting order operations like recalling order, settling and splitting bills.

Additionally, it also allows waiters to save uncompleted orders and navigate to it again to complete it and take its cycle via the system. In case of applying any action on the registered order, the Waiter System notifies the waiters in any step-within order cycle.


5. Be in sync with the whole management system:

You need to upgrade to the Waiter System that seamlessly synchronizes with the management system you are applying.


6. User-friendly and durable in function:

Ensure to invest in the Waiters System that is durable in function to guarantee constant operations. Besides, you need to choose a user-friendly Waiter System that takes minutes in training for any new waiter, and its signals are easy to be understood.


7. Increase productivity and revenue:

Upgrading to the right Waiter System, you help in increasing profitability. It allows your servers and waiters to spend more time with customers and not have to check constantly in the kitchen if their orders are ready. Staff, then, would be able to provide the best customer experience, recommend dishes and up-sell menu items to guests.

Moreover, the staff only checks with the kitchen when necessary, giving them more time to take more orders and make extra sales.


You can find all these features and more in the Lean Restaurant Waiter System, which allows you to reduce the number of waiters. You can contact our team here to find the best restaurant management system in Kuwait.

In today’s restaurant industry, digital transformation is a must. A restaurant management system helps in improving the atmosphere of the restaurant and increases sales. The restaurant software keeps chefs, waiters, hosts, servers, and managers in constant communication allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively.