How to train your restaurant’s staff?

June 11, 2019


Staff training is the key to have an effective, knowledgeable staff who will help your restaurant to succeed. Moreover, it is a way to reduce your employee turnover rate.

In this article, we will show you how to train your restaurant staff, and how to get the best from your training program.

Here are some basic steps that will help you to train your restaurant staff effectively:

1) Holding an orientation and meeting new hires:

Do not skip this step or delegate it to your managers. Orientation helps employees to get a clear insight about your restaurant best practices, goals, history, philosophy and the facility.

In this meeting, you could discuss the following ideas:

  • Mission Statement and Company History: This is an important point to discuss since customers might ask your employee about when the business started and who owns it. Therefore, you have to communicate this information to your employee.
  • Restaurant concept.
  • Overview of the services your restaurant provide.
  • HR information is relevant to them such as payroll information or training process.
  • How you are managing your restaurant.
  • How dishes are prepared.
  • How the menu is selected


2) Constructing a training manual:

This manual act like a guide to your new employees, illustrating what duties they are required to perform, and how can they perform them. They can also return to this manual to educate themselves to be good servers.

You can construct this manual with the following items:

  • Server etiquette guidelines.
  • Server uniforms outlines.
  • The way they introduce themselves and your restaurant to your customers.
  • Upselling techniques.
  • Safety and cleanness policies
  • Operations instructions: Roles and responsibilities of staff,
  • How to use restaurant POS.


3) Keep observing your staff:

In this step, you can make sure that employees have a commitment to their job and take responsibilities of their duties and they are performing their duties the way they had been thought.


4) Consistent and external training:

Your restaurant’s operation may change all the time, so you need your staff to keep up with these changes. This could be achievable by consistent and ongoing training throughout their shifts.

You may also consider contracting with an external training company to train your employees and get them acquainted new trends on the market.

This updated information might be:

  • What menu items are the most popular, least expensive, most expensive,..?
  • What are your weekly or daily specials?
  • How to succeed in selling appetizers or desserts?
  • How to enhance multi-tasking skills?
  • What kind of services satisfy the customers?


5) Point out your best employees and provide incentives:

Implementing the “Employee of the Month” reward program is an old yet good way to recognize the best employee so that you could reward this employee. Doing so will motivate your staff to do their best in their work, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded at the end. It also encourages employees with a low evaluation to improve their performance.

After all, your employees are the best promoting tactic to market your restaurant. Their interaction with customers is what demonstrates whether the customer will return to your restaurant or not. Accordingly, you should always evaluate and maintain their performance to introduce the best service.