How to Establish a Restaurant Unique Selling Proposition?

February 23, 2020


You might have found the best location for your restaurant, recruited a great staff, created an amazing menu, and set up a stunning ambiance. Yet, probably all your competitors have done the same. However, definitely, you want your restaurant to stand out. You want potential customers to choose your restaurant amongst other restaurants in your area. Well, your restaurant USP is the key. But what is a restaurant USP? And how can you establish one for your restaurant? Read on to find the answer.

What is a Restaurant USP- Unique Selling Proposition?

A Unique Selling Proposition is what makes customers choose your restaurant over other restaurants in your area. It sets it apart from other competitors, be it your dishes or your service or both. Further, this unique selling proposition should bring value to customers that other similar competitive products do not so that you would be noticed and your restaurant stands out. It should describe your prices, quality, exclusivity, service, or any other differentiable aspect of your restaurant business.

Before we start, you need to have an answer to the following question:

Why should customers eat at your restaurant and not at the one next to you?

Be noticed that your answer should not be:

  • I have a great location.
  • My prices are competitive.
  • I deliver amazing food and service.

These are not added value; customers expect more. For your USP to be effective, you have to take the essence ‘special’ elements of your business and put them together in a few clear and intense words.

Your USP must drive you more sales, not be soft. For instance, take Domino’s Pizza as an example of how it has revolutionized the pizza business by establishing a killer USP: “Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered To Your Door In Under 30 Minutes Or It’s Free! Guaranteed”.

Or even Starbucks, however, they offer smoothies and breakfast to keep up with other restaurants, being the place for premium coffee is what they stand for.


How to Establish a Restaurant Unique Selling Proposition?

1. Look at your competition:

Look at what your competitors are excellent at and what they are poor at. Learn what they are offering and what they are not. Follow them on social media, subscribe to their email list, or even show up at their restaurants.

See what they are not providing potential customers with, something that the customers desire. You may even ask their customers or the potential local customers what they miss most of what they would prefer to have most


2. Identify what would make you unique:

Identify the thing that you can do brilliantly. It can be related to your ingredients, signature dish, or the service.

Consider the following points when thinking about your USP:

· Provided Quality:

Decide how sure you are about the quality of your dishes and your service. Are you sure enough to offer a “money back” promise when the customer is not satisfied? If yes, it would be a great point of uniqueness.

·The Prices:

The price is the most sensitive factor. Avoid differentiating your business based on price if you do not run a burger joint, a fast food joint, a pizzeria, or any other homogeneous concept. Be aware that it is too risky to rush into the price battle.


Identify what makes your decor, menu, design, atmosphere, or anything else different and outstanding.


Think of anything that may make your location different from your competitors. It could be a big terrace, an extraordinary view, or a big free car-parking zone.


What you can offer from wait staff to signature dishes or ordering methods to sustainability or traditional recipes.


If you apply a system to streamline operations, offer easy online ordering, less waiting time, or fast delivery times.


3. Craft your message:

Write a one or two-sentence phrase that shows your uniqueness. Ensure that your value proposition is clear to the potential customer. Use this phrase in your marketing messages. Your marketing message should be concise and to the point. For instance, 40-character Facebook posts and 100-character Twitter posts have higher engagement rates. Further, communicate your unique selling point in a memorable way.

When crafting your message, you need to identify who your customers are. Your USP might not appeal to all potential customers, which is normal.


4. Follow Through on Your USP:

Once you’ve settled on what sets you apart, be consistent. Your menu must always reflect your brand personality in content and style using colors, fonts, images, and descriptive copy. Check out some simple tips on menu engineering.

Moreover, upgrade your operations to meet the expectations you have set. Try using a management system that makes it easier for your customers to order and to pay.

You also have to make sure that your employees are aware of your unique selling proposition so that they always work to deliver service accordingly.