The Best Upselling Tactics To Increase Profits

June 25, 2019


Upselling is an effective marketing and sales strategy to increase the restaurant’s revenues and profits by introducing an expensive version to the customers of their ordinary order. However, to upsell effectively you need a trained team of servers who are qualified to upsell without annoying customers.

Here are the best tactics to upsell your dishes, where you can take advantage of them to increase sales.


  1. Identify the menu item with a high-profit margin:

You need to know which item on your menu has the highest profit margin so that you can increase your profit to the maximum level. Your waiters should recognize this item in order to offer it to the customer. For example, if a customer wants to order a juice, your waiters should suggest the juice with the highest profit margin, without making the customer feel that it is all about increasing revenues. Alternatively, your servers should practice and train to give the customer an amazing description of what they are selling. A description that gives your customers an insight about the flavor or enjoyment they would get from ordering your suggested menu item.

menu upselling


  1. Suggest extras:

You can upsell many items by offering some extras since there are many items that go together. For example, offer:

  • Fries with sandwiches.
  • Chicken with salad.
  • Garlic bread with pasta.

By offering extras, there is good potential that customers would respond and purchase these extras without feeling annoyed, resulting in selling the dish at a higher cost.



  1. Offer take-out service:

If a customer feels full after a meal and shows no desire to order more you can mention that you are providing take-out service. For example, you can tell the customer who finished his meal that you can pack up the dessert, tea, or coffee for him to take it while he is leaving. This way, you encourage the customer to purchase something he wants but he doesn’t want to order it because he is either too full or doesn’t want to seem like he eats too much or doesn’t have time, but with this option, the customer would wait for the dessert while waiting for the bill.

  1. Show enthusiasm about what you are selling:

One important and effective way to upsell a dish is to be enthusiastic about it. Your servers shouldn’t seem bored when suggesting dishes because this will have a bad impact on customers that the food is not that good. Describing food with excitement and enthusiasm; how amazing it looks, how delicious it tastes, gives the customer a good impression and get the customer more excited to try the suggested items. You can not sell what you do not enjoy.

  1. Pay attention to the customer:

Your servers should pay attention to the customers, read them, and never annoy them. Customers don’t want to feel as if they are sale targets. Your servers have to know when and how they can make suggestions and make upselling seems like a natural part of the conversation. If a group of friends stays to chat after ending their meal, your servers could promote the desserts in the menu by suggesting a slice of pie with a cup of tea, for example, without seeming that they push these items.


Watch the video below to know more about upselling: